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Galaxy Quest: Global Warning is a graphic novel released in 2009, initially it was released in 2008 as a 5 issue mini-series of the same name. It was written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Ilias Kyriazis, and is a continuation of the film.


The series/graphic novel, is a continuation of the story of the film, it is devided into five issues each with three chapters. The story takes place before the launch of the new series Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues, when a world threatening crisis once again requires the cast of Galaxy to once again rise to the occassion.


Cover Cover Artist Issue #/Title Chapters # Writer Artist Release Date Summary
Galaxy-quest-global Issue #1 Chapter One: Destiny be Mine!
Chapter Two: And the Winner is...
Chapter Three: U.F. Friends or Foes?
GQ GW2 Issue #2 Chapter Four: When Titans Clash
Chapter Five: Reunited
Chapter Six: Tic...Tic...Tic...Tic...
Issue #3 Chapter Seven: My Homeworld Away from Home...
Chapter Eight: The Mists of Delos 57
Chapter Nine: The Last Leg!
GQ GW4 Issue #4 Chapter Ten: Be Careful What You Wish For...
Chapter Eleven: Will Act For Food
Chapter Twelve: Alas, Poor Jason!
GQ GW5 Issue #5 Chapter Thirteen: Inherit a Cosmic Wind...
Chapter Fourteen: My Friend, My Self
Epilogue: Once Moore With Feeling

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