The Digital Conveyor is a type of teleportation station and console system onboard the Protector II. It digitized a target on a planet while in said planet's orbit, dicing the target to microscopic cubes and sending it to the station in a million pieces, with the target reassembling and being restored to their original state upon reaching the teleportation chamber, all in a millisecond or less. The conveyor was built to accommodate the anatomy of humans, or at least the anatomy of every crew member from Galaxy Quest, including alien humanoids like Dr. Lazarus. Other species that where targeted by the teleporter reformed in the chamber heavily mutilated, mangled, defaced, deformed, and butchered. Notably, a pig lizard teleported by the conveyer appeared on the ship literally inside out, leaving its body convulsing and spurting out blood and other fluids until its gorily exploded.

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